New Report: Applying a Participative Multi-Stakeholder Approach in Transdisciplinary Ocean Governance Research: Reflections from the STRONG High Seas Project

The STRONG High Seas project has published a new report providing reflections from the research team on the numerous lessons learned during the project duration on participative multi-stakeholder approaches in transdisciplinary ocean governance research, such as designing and implementing effective engagement strategies, designing targeted capacity development programmes, and fostering co-creative research processes for supporting decision-making and achieving policy impact.

Based on surveys conducted during and after STRONG High Seas workshops, direct feedback from participants after project events, and debriefing and internal discussions amongst project partners, this report is showcasing and assessing the participative multi-stakeholder approach used in the STRONG High Seas project to co-develop and co-design activities and outputs such as scientific assessments and capacity development programs.

The report is targeted towards policy and decision-makers and other relevant stakeholders from the private sector, research, and civil society as well as researchers working on advancing ocean governance, particularly for ABNJ in the Southeast Atlantic and Southeast Pacific regions.

The report can be found here.