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High-Level Expert Meeting – Towards an Effective High Seas Treaty: Building on and Strengthening Regional Ocean Governance

On 30 March 2019 in New York, the STRONG High Seas project, together with Germany, hosted a high-level expert meeting alongside the second meeting of the International Governmental Conference working towards a high seas treaty. It brought together around 30 experts for an informal discussion regarding the legal and institutional framework of a new agreement, in particular options for the establishment of MPAs and promoting coherence of AMBTs under a new agreement.

The day began with a short welcome and introductory presentation by Guido Genrich, Head of the Delegation of Germany, and Dr. Carole Durussel, co-lead of the STRONG High Seas Project. This was followed by informal working groups and discussions. The first session explored possible roads for designating and establishing protected areas and management tools, in the second session different implementation options were discussed and in the last round the role and tools for monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS) were considered.

The ideas developed in the discussions from the workshop are to be published in a policy brief.

This meeting builds on a prior expert meeting held during the first round of negotiations in September 2018 that brought together 65 participants to discuss the role and contribution of regional and sectoral ocean governance in developing and underpinning the implementation of a strong high seas agreement.

Please find the agenda here