Marine Regions Forum 2023 photo competition

We couldn’t visit all the countries in the region, or the other regions that are present in the conference so encouraged people to send in photos for a photo competition. We were excited to receive a large number of entries and the participants at the Marine Regions Forum conference were able to vote for their favourites via the conference app.

Congratulations to the first place winner, Frank Mirobo:

“Embracing the Community Ownership of the Ocean”

The current generation embracing the future generation’s enjoyment and ownership of the Ocean


Congratulations to the second place winner, Tanguy Nicolas:

“Somanga, Kilwa district, Tanzania”

A young boy is paddling his makeshift mtumbwi (canoe) at high tide in the mangrove, attending a popular fish landing site on the seafront from his village, in Somanga, Tanzania.













Photo Gallery: Marine Regions Forum 2023

Photos of the conference from Empower Limited are available here, but we have picked out a few highlights below too.

7 November: Welcoming address and keynote speakers

8 November

Some of the Early Career Professionals at the Marine Regions Forum 2023 conference (photo by Empower Limited)


9 November


Marine Regions Forum at UN Oceans Conference 2022

The Marine Regions Forum team together with partners organised two events during the 2022 UN Ocean Conference (UNOC) from 27 June – 1 July 2022 in Lisbon, Portugal. The UNOC, co-hosted by Portugal and Kenya, had as theme “Scaling up ocean action based on science and innovation for the implementation of Goal 14: stocktaking, partnerships and solutions” and aimed to mobilise action to implement sustainable development goal (SDG) 14.
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Online Workshop: Supporting blue recovery through regional cooperation

A second workshop dedicated to the role of marine regions in the recovery from COVID-19 took place on Wednesday 6 October 2021, assessing current regional initiatives and discuss conditions for a sustainable blue recovery of marine regions, including through enhanced regional collaboration.

A summary report is available here.

This online workshop builds on the Marine Regions Forum 2019 and the January 2021 webinar Ocean governance and COVID-19 – Building resilience for marine regions.


This workshop was funded by:

Key Messages from the Marine Regions Forum 2019 at UN 2020 Ocean Conference preparatory meeting

The next decade will be crucial for the health and future of the Ocean. What role can marine regions play in efforts to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals? Which approaches have proven successful and what can be done to enhance their coordination?

Drawing on discussions held at the Marine Regions Forum 2019 and the contributions of participants, the conference organisers (IASS, IDDRI and TMG – Think Tank for Sustainability) have formulated eight Key Messages to support the implementation of the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the planning of effective measures to protect the oceans.

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