Theme 2 | Underpinning global processes

The coming years will be critical for changing current trends in ocean decline. Whilst effective protection and good governance of the ocean cannot be achieved by States acting individually, global processes can be slow to spur real progress on the ground. In this regard, regional governance can be a strategic lever for the conservation and sustainable use at the scale of marine ecosystems, in many cases taking action “closer, further and faster” than institutions at the international or national level.
Theme 2 provided a space to exchange on governance practices and explore how regional approaches could underpin key global processes for ocean sustainability, e.g. the negotiations for a high seas treaty, the implementation of the Paris Agreement, and emerging issues such as deep sea mining.

  • Topic 2.1 Areas beyond national jurisdiction: Linking global and regional governance
    • The sessions under this topic took a closer look at regional approaches within the framework of a strong global BBNJ agreement, discussed technological tools and good practices for monitoring, control and surveillance (MCS), identified multi-level governance options for a global network of MPAs in areas beyond national jurisdiction, and explored options to engage in the upcoming development of the International Seabed Authority’s regional environmental management plans.
  • Topic 2.2 Ocean and climate change
    • This topic offered an opportunity for regional organisations and stakeholders to revisit ocean-based climate strategies and increase climate ambition, building on the recent IPCC Special Report on the Ocean and Cryosphere in a Changing Climate and preparing for the so-called “Blue COP” to be held in Chile in December 2019.